My Favorite 5 Tools for Managing Social Media

As someone who currently operates her business as a solopreneur, I need all the efficiencies I can get when it comes to managing my social media.


I use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram most regularly. I typically spend about an hour in the morning, drinking my coffee, and scheduling the day’s social media usually on my laptop.


Here are my top five tools I use to keep myself on track:

A. BufferApp

I primarily use Buffer for scheduling tweets a day at a time. It also supports scheduling to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+. I like how easy it is to drag and rearrange tweets once they are scheduled, if I decide I don’t like the order I initially set.

I haven’t had good luck with scheduling to Facebook through Buffer so I tend to use the platform’s scheduling feature (see E below) instead.

B. Trello

I love, love, love Trello for keeping me organized. This is intended as a collaboration tool for virtual teams as you can create boards and cards and assign members to them. I use it as such with one of my adventure tourism clients.

In my own business, I use it as my editorial calendar and my project management software.

C. Hootsuite

I use the free version of Buffer with which you can only schedule 10 tweets at a time. So I tend to use Hootsuite to schedule out my tweets for longer periods of time (e.g. if I’m away guiding canoe trips or on vacation).

D. TweetDeck

This is my go-to tool for Twitter chats. I have a column for my tweets, a column for my notifications, and a column for whichever chat’s hashtag I happen to be engaging with.

E. Facebook Page’s Scheduling Feature

I’ve had a number of scheduled Facebook posts fail through Buffer so I’ve switched to almost scheduling exclusively through the platform itself. I like that I can see exactly what the post looks like when it goes live. I like that I don’t have to worry about whether or not it will post.

Honorable Mentions

Honorable mentions go to all of the app versions of the above that I use on my phone.

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite social media management tools are.

What do you think?