What are you offering?

It is what you’re known for, by your customers, your competition, your industry.

What you offer – whether it’s an idea, some sort of service, or an actual, tangible product – needs to provide satisfaction to your customers and / or solve their problem.

Maybe you have designed the perfect product and you’re having troubles gaining traction in selling it. What do you do?

If you can describe in juicy detail what satisfaction you’re providing or what problem you’re solving, you unlock a key to marketing it.

So tell us. What do you offer?

Let’s go through the following questions and statements and see what language crops up repeatedly for your product:

(a) Describe the pain points your product solves or the joy your product brings. Think about what language and emotions customers or prospects use with you.

(b) What keywords do customers or prospects search in Google, Bing, or some other search engine when your product pops up?

(c) Of what emerging or popular trends is your product a part?

(d) What’s the story behind your product? How did it come to be?

(e) What feedback have your received from customers about your product? What do they like? What do they think needs improvement?

(f) Does it support and serve the purpose of your organization?

what are you offering?

Collect all of your answers. What words, ideas, images do you see emerging regularly? We’ll use these in another post to sketch out a promotion strategy to gain your product some traction.

What do you think?